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Infinite Horizons Institute

The Infinite Horizons Institute is an online business school providing self paced eLearning courses to existing or aspiring business owners, organizational key decision makers and their direct reports.

Whether you are the leader of a non-profit or for profit organization, a manager of a government department or the owner of a growing small or medium sized enterprise, the Infinite Horizons Institute provides a wealth of online classes suited to your needs.


eLearning is the Future of Organizational Development

According to Global Industry Analysts, in 2013 eLearning was a $56.2 billion industry and it is expected to double by 2015. The reason for this growth is pretty simple: eLearning offers many benefits to bother employers and employees including:

1. Makes training much more cost-effective

eLearning can reduce or even remove many expenses typical when training employees. Not only is the time to develop the class or course content removed but associated costs such as travel and materials no longer exist. Self paced eLearning classes are conducted when you need or can take them, so you can schedule the start and finish of course modules during slower period and downtimes, meaning little to no disruption to your business operations.

2. Training from any location, at any time

eLearning provides convenient on-demand access, the ability to schedule your training at a time suitable to you and the flexibility to train from any location. You no longer need a dedicated training or conference room  to train your employees. Workers don’t even need to be physically at the office to learn. You and your employees can connect anywhere there is a internet service available whether that be in a plane travelling to a meeting or at home.

3. Train to retain talent and attract it too

eLearning provides your company with a differentiator when it comes to attracting new talent to your organization. The costs associated with filling one position on average equals $10,731 excluding relocation costs. At the same time, organizations lost one in every four employees in their first year of hire. Onboarding a new employee is important in shaping an employee’s perception about the company and its culture. Many studies show that employers who are provided with relevant training tend to be more loyal and engaged with their companies. Which makes perfect sense. Employees who feel that the company has a vested interest in their growth and future, will stay loyal and be more productive.

4. Increases in productivity, engagement and the bottom-line

eLearning brings results. In 2014, a study by Towards Maturity revealed continued benefits from using  eLearning, including; 43 percent in productivity improvement, 73 percent in revenue improvement and 75 percent improvement in positive staff engagement.

5. Closing the skills gap

In many companies there is a widening skills gap. In a recent study 49 per cent of US employers said they have trouble filling positions due to the people applying lacking the specific skills they were seeking. Training an existing employee means you eliminate the steep learning curve needed to understand your business.

The Infinite Horizons Institute provides eLearning solutions targeted towards existing and aspiring business owners, department managers, organizational leaders and their direct reports. The course content has been developed over 25 years of practical application. The course content is meant so that the student can find practical applications from each lesson that will result in immediate impact when applied. Unlike many classes or courses on the market today, the Infinite Horizons Institute is proud to offer course content based on real world examples and experience. Even though 90% of businesses fit the description of a small to medium sized business, many business classes use examples and case studies from Fortune 100 companies which are not practical or relevant to smaller businesses. The Infinite Horizons Institute classes and courses are from companies ranging from small family businesses to emerging multi-location companies with complex organization structures, from not-for-profit organizations to large government departments.

Some of our future class modules include:

(to name but a few)

Introduction To Great Sales Leadership

Selecting The Right Person To Be The Sales Management Leader

Build a Values-Drive Company Sales Culture

Inspire Sales Team As A Team And Each Salesperson Individually

Create The Right Written Job Description And Compensation Program

Hire The Right Person In The First Place

Build The Right Training Regimen

Don’t Manage Salespeople Like Other Employees

Benchmarking Accountability

Whether you would like to widen your knowledge or skills or those of your team, the Infinite Horizons Institute has a course built for your needs.